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NEW SEASON for Annabel - take a look at how well they have been doing!

Hey! So the new season has well and truly started, and for potentially the first time ever, we are yet to get rained on at an event! In fact, the weather has been absolutely glorious at every event so far, to the extent of getting rather sunburnt at Weston Park! Oasby open novice and Lincoln intermediate novice were good warm up runs, with an 8th placing at Lincoln after a fantastic clear cross country inside the time.  After two average tests at those two events, we fit in a dressage lesson with Ruth Edge to try and iron out some...

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Annabel Carthy - Great NEW blog - great to hear how our sponsors are getting on

Hi again!                                                                                   A lot has happened since I last wrote a blog, so this may be a long one! I am really enjoying being part of team Bespoke and Personal, and absolutely love the coasters I was sent. The detail and quality are amazing. I recommend them to anyone, they would make fantastic Christmas gifts, or even just a...

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Exciting Sponsor - Anna Stonehill

See the exciting journey of our sponsor Anna Stonehill who is a family member, with her gorgeous new prospect Albert. A touching story as Albert was the name of our shared Grandad, so his 'Yorkshire' show name is  'Alright Albert' - which the commentators never get right as it needs to be spoken in a Yorkshire twang!  "Orr reet Al buurrt "  Follow their journey with us.        

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Video of Millie Toulson-Clarke

Grest video of Millie on her two rides Tom and Chesney. Go support her on her journey of eventing at @mtec_eventing on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/p/BLhAHUWlfBp/?taken-by=mtc_eventing&hl=en https://www.instagram.com/p/BL9P3GthRz4/?taken-by=mtc_eventing&hl=en Fantastic how much you have achieved with them both this year Millie well done! 

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Video of Annabel Carthy

Here is our sponsor Annabel Carthy competing at Osberton towards the end of the season 2016 - showjumping stage https://www.instagram.com/p/BLV_lB_D_LH/?taken-by=annabelcarthy&hl=en Fantastic round! Well done Annabel!   

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